Design and Technology


Project 1:

This project was a collaboration with a computer engineer, Maya Kreidieh. The objective was to embed an LED matrix into a shirt to be used for visualizing graphical animations during social/political protests, as opposed to carrying static banners.

Pixel-based animation frames were created and individually are scanned and parsed in Matlab to create boolean arrays to control each LED in the matrix. We built a 256 LED matrix and hope to upgrade the shirt to a 1024 LED matrix to display more detailed graphics.

Project 2:

For a web design course I took, we designed a simple HTML website about anything that inspires us. I chose the make it about Lady GaGa’s song, “Born This Way”. Al- though she is viewed by many as mainstream and trashy, I see past the superficial per- ception people have of her, but the powerful message she communicated in a lot of her songs, which is tolerance and respect for the other.

I took lyrics of her song and designed them in a typographical composition. The Website is made up of a home page and 4 internal pages, each dedicated to a part of her song. My style, dominant in many projects I do, is combining black and white photographs I take with colors and typography.

The website navigation follows the horizontal scrolling technique, so the internal pages are all a part of a big canvas, sliced into sections.

Wearable electronics, Website